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You are looking for consulting, workshops, startups and innovation projects for professionals, business and associations.


You are looking for startup schools, lectures, workshops, mentoring and education in innovation projects for educational institutions, universities and yourself. 


Andrew Petrishin

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It’s a great course! It helped in understanding the peculiarities of what a start-up is as well as in widening our knowledge in this field. I liked the course because of its compact extent of theory and a large amount of contact hours in the real project. I would also like to mention friendly community with its useful criticism.

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Alexsander Lukavskii

StartUp Mastery is for all ages. Here it is possible to meet people of different ages, life philosophies…, but with the common goals! Each of us strains after one and the same! We want to make the World better and technologies more available! We are the family!

Olena Korchuganova

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Thus, what has StartUp Mastery given to me? First of all, it’s interesting to communicate with smart people having active life attitude and aimed at developing. It’s interesting to widen the limits of our every day communication. And finally to start to understand that life beyond the University rooms is very diverse and not always predictable. It’s fascinating to change the roles – from a student to a teacher, or better to say a tutor, who is more like an elder friend, being a bit ahead. It is not examining but advising, sharing his own experience, joining a group of students into a team. The Internet erases the barriers and a few thousand kilometers distance does not seem to be that forbidding. And what’s more, the very essence of the course – in higher school developing business form “just the idea” is not taught, while it is one of the most actual skills of the beginning innovative entrepreneur.


Book "STARTUP MASTERY" with Igor Peer

Book "STARTUP MASTERY" with Igor Peer




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