STArtup mastery

Programme for the preparation, creation, development and scaling up of successful startups in the field of innovative technologies.


The first Innovation Ecosystem in Ukraine “Sikorsky Challenge” has specially been created to involve creative youth in innovative entrepreneurship. environment.

eazi start

The Startup and Innovation Center eAZI START functions with the aim to contribute Azerbaijan`s startup movement, to support Azerbaijani startupers in their endeavors to turn their ideas into business projects.  


An innovative personal interactive educational assistant platform for boosting your vocabulary and foreign language communication skills with embedded Artificial Intelligence algorithms.  


Z-HiTech is a hi-tech company for the Z generation, immersing students in the world of modern technology, Startup entrepreneurship, cutting-edge educational platforms and emerging educational platforms, with the goal and supplementing the students’ education and helping them acquire the tools required to break into the hi-tech industry.



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