4-level practical oriented educational programme
for skills in Pre-Start Marketing and Business Development,
Minimum Sallable and Market Fit Product, Company Establishment, Expansion and Scaling,
Exit Strategies M&A and IPO,
Investment for innovative startups. 
Innovation Professional Certificate Program is the basic element of the 4-level  "STARTUP MASTERY”system, integrating training, mentoring, support for startup community in
the process of creating and developing startups.



Online platform with a
ready-made training programme for the creation and development of startups.


4-level system integrating training, mentoring, community startup support in the process of creation and development of startups.


Off-line activities that take place at regular intervals (approximately every two weeks) on the basis of partner Universities in different cities. Participants' meetings may discuss the problems faced by students in completing their practical assignments to launch their startup projects.


The community of startups at different levels of their projects development that can support startups, giving them mentor advice and serving as an example for those who are at an earlier stage of the development.


The innovative professional certification program provides an opportunity to listen to an intensive course with elements of an acceleration and incubation program aimed at developing the most relevant competencies in the field of startup launching, effective management and innovative business development.

Competencies formed as a program result: the ability to analyze and interpret information concerning competitive situation and modern approaches to startups and innovative businesses development, the ability to use information to make managerial decisions and form an effective innovative business strategy; future management-oriented thinking and strategic innovation.

Successfully passing the innovative professional certification program "STARTUP MASTERY" provides students with obtaining certificate.

Program trainees also have the opportunity to get professional mentoring and access to a community of fellow creative thinkers and potential partners in a working business or in future projects.